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G-shock grew up in a small town in Indianola MS but he never let the fact that he lived in a small town limit his vision and dreams. At the age of 17, G-Shock who was then called Trell-G graduated from high school and a month later was off to serve his country in the US Navy. After 7 years of service he was honorably discharged in Jacksonville Florida where he now lives. After the Navy, G-Shock started an entertainment label called Certified ENT in which he was one of the original members of the Trio group “The Certified Gs” recording and performing all over Jacksonville. The Certified Gs created a buzz, but soon after Polar Rock Mike moved back to Atlanta and T-Capone moved back to California, the group was set back as the remaining member, G-Shock, lost his motivation for music and focused instead on family. According to G-Shock, “Music is in my blood. I could never totally leave it alone.” He was drawn back to what he loves and has now started a label entitled “Certified G Music Group LLC” the name came from the group name that started it all “The Certified Gs”. G-shock would like all his friends, fans, and family to know his best work is soon to come and he is at the top of his game.