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Archive for September 2015


G-shock grew up in a small town in Indianola MS but he never let the fact that he lived in a small town limit his vision and dreams. At the age of 17, G-Shock who was then called Trell-G graduated from high school and a month later was off to serve his country in the…

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Paper Boy “The Real McCoy”

Adil Rashad McCoy is a new fresh rapper that is highly driven to re-invent the modern Hip Hop movement. Using a variety of rapping styles, Mr. McCoy—better known as “PAPERBOY 2WIN”—utilizes multi-syllable rhymes to hit the pocket of the beat. His distinguished rapping style comes from a wide spectrum of directions that ranges from 2PAC,Jay-Z,…

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Frank Dinero

South Carolina born, Jacksonville, FL raised Frank Dinero is a driven, passionate, and hardworking artist with a unique approach to his style of hip-hop. Throughout his trials and tribulations, Frank pursued his passion for music even in spite of hard times, such as walking the streets as a kid at night without knowing his next…

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